Maintain consistency of performance while keeping costs lean.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an enterprise site which performed blazingly fast day in, day out 24 / 7.  With eCommerce stores we must consider a wide array of variable spikes in traffic across the seasons.  Flash sales, newsletter mail outs to inform customers of new product lines, Christmas, Easter, Boxing Day Sales, Click Frenzies and more. By creating your own customised cloud hosting solution you will have complete control over all resources ensuring peak performance while keeping costs lean and mean.


Users expect near instant performance, or more than likely they will leave the store & shop somewhere else.  Sometimes they may tell their friends about it. As we all know bad news travels fast and good news is the right message we want to spread to our customer base.

Don’t give your customers a chance to leave, give them a chance to be loyal and grow with your brand by decreasing bounce rates and increasing conversions.


When dealing with sensitive information it is important to secure your cloud infrastructure so it’s locked down to a whitelisted group.  We ensure your site is kept up to date and can perform regular security audits to maintain this.  Not only is it important to keep your eCommerce Operating System and infrastructure secure and up to date, but also your web application core and associated plugins.


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